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About Knysna


Knysna boasts a colourful history of mariners, shipwrecks, wild forest elephants, woodcutters and gold diggers.

The town was officially founded in the1820ís by George Rex, an enigmatic figure believed by some to be the illegitimate son of King George III of England. The Port of Knysna was established to facilitate the shipping of timber from the surrounding indigenous forests through The Heads for the British Navy.

Apart from a brief but exciting flirtation with the discovery of gold in the surrounding mountains in 1876, the timber industry drove the growth of this area prior to its development as a tourist destination.

Knysna Today

Today Knysna is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Southern Africa for both local and international tourists.  Nestling between indigenous, closed canopy forests and the pristine estuary, the combination of a quaint but vibrant town, a large choice of recreational and cultural activities and a spectacularly beautiful environment continue to boost its reputation.

The area harbours no specific health risks and is supported by a wide range of superior medical facilities and professional services of all descriptions.

Knysna is home to the annual Oyster Festival, the Pink Loerie Carnival and the Knysna Arts Experience.

The Outeniqua "Choo-Choo" train crossing Knysna Lagoon

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